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The Pursuit of Freedom

A practical guide to transform your life into the fullness of the freedom Jesus died for.

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We call it our weekly Love Letter! The purpose of these emails is to share the writing of the week with you, including the activation, and whatever else may be going on! Together, we will be growing from glory to glory, freedom to freedom and grace to grace.

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For me it was a practical guide, and why not say a “roadmap” to experience deliverance and breakthrough in areas where I felt stuck and hopeless.

Dr. Poincyane Assis-Nascimento

Tassy's vulnerability made me realize the areas I needed to grow in freedom, and the activations helped me do just that.

Telma Muniz

Hi there

My name is Tassyane Assis

I love Jesus! I live to worship Him! My life is centered around my relationship with Him! I’m passionate about loving people and sharing God’s unique affection for every person. 

Writing, for me, is not just a hobby; it’s a powerful personal tool that shapes and transforms my spiritual life in liberating ways.

- Writing is my refuge, a place where I unravel my messy thoughts and complex emotions in the presence of God. I find rest and healing through the process.

- Writing helps me express my heart to both God and others in a very vulnerable way. It uncovers my soul at a level that I can't quite get to with spoken words.

Writing is a tool to help lead people into deep encounters with God by hearing His heart through the words He speaks.  

That is just to mention a few. 

From my blog

Transformed by Love: How Jesus’s Restorative Love Renews Us from Within

In a world marked by brokenness, trauma and chaos, the restorative love of Jesus for us brings life, light and hope.

Unlocking Abundant Life: 10 Essential Steps for a Mindset of Pursuing Growth and Freedom in Christ

In life, faith is like a guiding thread that helps us find purpose, hope, and positive change.

From Pain to Praise: Unleashing Deeper Levels of Freedom by Embracing a Lifestyle of Worship

Life is not always an ocean of roses. It is a mixture of joy and sorrow, victory and defeat, laughter and tears. While we often celebrate the moments of triumph and happiness, it's often the moments of pain and struggle that truly test our resilience and faith, and shape our character.

Meditate on the Word of God | A Key to Wholeness and Conquering Our Promise Land

We live in a day and age where there are so many distractions, so many things trying to pull our attention in different directions, that it can be so hard sometimes to give our minds a break. No wonder there is a worldwide pandemic of emotional and mental breakdown—even within the church. We barely give ourselves the time to stop and process what God is saying to us.

My Writings...

My Writings Are For You If:

You're open to spiritual and emotional growth and are willing to learn new ways to think (renewing your mind) and embrace change.
You understand that personal growth might require stepping out of your comfort zone.
You know there is MORE for you than what the world and sometimes, even church, has to offer.

My Writings Are NOT For You If:

You are completely ok staying comfortable.
Spiritual growth is not that important to you.
You are unwilling to take ownership and invest in yourself.

What I love to write about

Faith in Jesus
The Love of God
Freedom in Christ
Kingdom Lifestyle




Miami, FL

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Weekly Love Letter

Tassyane Assis

Partnering with Holy Spirit to help restore identity of believers and aid them to reach new levels of freedom in Christ!

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