The Pursuit Of Freedom

Four Steps to a Lifestyle of Walking in Freedom

Do you feel stuck?

Emotionally, spiritually, mentally?

This book will help you connect with the SOURCE of all growth and freedom!!!

Are you ready to step into your next level of FREEDOM, faith, glory and abundance in Jesus? 

This book will teach you practical steps to do just that!

Freedom is Within You.

Are you living life to its fullness?
Or do you find yourself limited in your own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas?

Have you ever thought you had it all together and suddenly found yourself completely lost?

This is exactly where the author found herself when she penned this book. It was then she realized freedom is progressive. The freedom we have received from Christ is a seed that we must nourish and cultivate in order to learn to walk in a lifestyle of freedom, growing from glory to glory through deepening our relationship with the author and creator of freedom itself. Within these pages, you will…

- Discover how to access and reprogram your subconscious to make better decisions that will lead you to deeper levels of freedom.

- Encounter the love of Christ

- Learn to use “The Freedom Technique” – developed by a cognitive behavior therapist to reframe your mindset with a limitless perspective.

As you learn to live on earth as it is in heaven, there is always more liberty waiting. But you must be willing to pursue FREEDOM. Through this book, Holy Spirit shows you how. Are you ready?

How Will This Book Serve You?

1. Reprogramming Subconscious Beliefs

The book guides readers to access and reprogram your subconscious beliefs. This can be transformative, as many limiting beliefs are hidden in our subconscious minds, impacting our decisions and actions. By learning to reprogram these beliefs, you can make better choices that will lead you to deeper levels of freedom in various aspects of life.

2. Deeper Relationship with Christ

The book presents the opportunity to encounter the love of Christ on a profound level. It emphasizes the fact that true freedom is only found in a relationship with Christ and allows you to explore the depths of that relationship through practical activations.

3. Continual Growth and Liberty

The book emphasizes that freedom is a progressive journey rather than a one-time achievement. You are encouraged to see your relationship with Christ as a continuous process of growth and discovery, allowing you to tap into ever-deeper levels of freedom. This message is a reminder that there is always more to explore and experience, and it invites  you to actively seek and embrace further freedom.

4. The Freedom Technique

The book introduces  "The Freedom Technique," a mindset reframing approach developed by a cognitive behavior therapist. This technique can help you shift your perspectives and thought patterns, leading to a limitless mindset. This tool can be invaluable for those looking to break free from mental limitations and explore new possibilities.

Amazing and Powerful Book

“This book is easy to read, keeps us attentive and we don’t get tired of reading it, I confess that there are few books that I can read until the end and this one I devoured three chapters in an hour and a half!! I was so impacted, and it’s just the beginning, God spoke deeply in my heart and showed me that I still have space to be completely free, and as Tassy said, it was as if my spirit was talking to the Holy Spirit and showing me that I am not completely free, and for this to happen I need to understand what freedom is. So thank you for this book, Tassy!! “

Luana Curado

A Clear Process that Brings Results

"My biggest pet-peeve with non-fiction books is that too often the author will state the problem - and sometimes give you a solution for the problem - but fail to provide a process to get to the solution. Tassyane, in your book, The Pursuit of Freedom, you present a clear process by including activations and techniques. Well done!"

Joylynn Ross

So Brave For Being So Vulnerable

It is an act of vulnerability that the author puts her heart out there and exposes herself and her relationship with the Lord in such a way that creates an impact for the reader. Thank you Tassy, for what you went through to give us this book!

Telma Muniz-Teixeira

© Tassyane Assis