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First, let me clarify what “excellence” means to me. I believe that is a word that is often used very loosely and confused with perfectionism often.

Nope! That’s not what I mean when I use it. Excellence to me simply means giving our all to the task/subject at hand. Whatever our all is, that’s excellent! When it comes to leadership, we are constantly growing, there is always more to learn, explore, and apply, in different areas of life. Investing on ourselves and having the hunger for growth and for more, is excellence to me, because it means we are giving our all.

With that being said I would like to start by listing the 21 Indispensable qualities of an excellent leader.

I will recap them every time, so that its always fresh, and I will elaborate on each individually, until we’ve covered all 21. I welcome your thoughts and insights, coupled with experiences and scenarios that can help illustrate the concept. I will be sure to continue including an activation each week, to help us practice and put our knowledge into action.

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader:

Positive Attitude
Problem Solving

Awesome! Let’s start with character. I've got a couple of insightful passages from the Bible that shed light on how character shapes our perspectives and priorities in leadership.

Genesis 50:15-21: The Power of Forgiveness

In Genesis, we witness Joseph, a true leader, facing his brothers who once betrayed him. Instead of seeking revenge, Joseph attributes his trials to God's plan for good. The key? Character. Joseph's years in God's character-building course enabled him to bless instead of curse.

I believe that both in the business world and in our personal lives, we have a lot of opportunities to “stay upset” or offended, hold grudges and resentment towards people around us. Forgiveness is part of God’s character, therefore, part of ours. And it is simply a decision. Forgiving does not mean we agree with what was done, and it does not mean there needs to be restoration or even exchange of business sometimes. It simply means we chose to let go and forgive.

Leviticus 10:1–12:8: Putting "Being" Before "Doing"

Leviticus emphasizes God's concern for character, urging leaders to prioritize "being" over "doing." These passages teach us that character development is the foundation of effective leadership. From earning trust to fostering lasting success, character is the bedrock.

I love that so many leaders nowadays are focusing on the development of people’s character, versus simply teaching them to do different tasks. Here are a few reason why our focus is better applied when we put our “being” first:

1. We receive our gifts freely, but we must develop our character. (Gifts are gifts, character is fruit. Gift is given, fruit is generated!)
2. Our character earns the trust of others.
3. Only good character brings lasting success with people and for people.
4. Solid character communicates credibility and consistency.
5. Our gifts can take us further than our character can sustain us. (In other words, if our character cannot sustain it, we end up letting everything go down the drain)
6. Our character influences our perspective. (These are filters through which we see and live our lives)
7. Skill can get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

Deuteronomy 5:1-21: Choosing Character Over Strategy

Moses, in Deuteronomy, repeats commandments to instill good principles in the new generation. An old general once said, "Effective leadership is a potent mix of character and strategy. But if you have to choose between the two, choose character, even if you run out of strategy."

Deuteronomy 6:4-9: Prioritizing Relationships and Truth

Moses, continuing in Deuteronomy, provides a blueprint for leaders: relationship over rules, truth within before without, and utilizing daily moments for teaching. The key takeaway? A developed character knows how to prioritize, making the main thing the main thing.

In Closing...

So, as we unravel these timeless insights, let's remember: Leadership is not about what we do, it is about who we are. And all we do comes from who we are consequently. I have a friend that puts it best: “we are just going about our lives giving to others what we have in abundance.” It's about the character that forms our perspectives, influences our priorities, and ultimately shapes the legacy we leave behind. Life is a beautiful journey of character development, where every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every lesson molds us into the leaders we were meant to be. 🚀 #CharacterBuildingLeadership

Leadership Action Time...

Think of these questions and sit with the Holy Spirit for some answers, and growth opportunities:

- What are the trials you may be facing that you are having a hard time understanding how God is turning them for good?

- How can these trials contribute to the forming of your character in a positive way?

- Do you find yourself encountering your identity in your doings? 

- What can you do today and this week that will help you become stronger in your character?

Tassyane Assis
Tassyane Assis

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share new Table Talks frequently on the blog that is specifically designed to help you GROW! Grow yourself and your relationship with God by seeking HIm for further answers and understanding. Please share any contents that you would like me to create for you.

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