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Here is your free chapter of my latest book
The Pursuit of Freedom. 

I made this chapter available for you because I know you will begin to experience God and encounter Him at a new level, right off the get go! 

This book will awaken you to a deeper awareness and greater revelation of the true freedom that has been made available to you through God’s unconditional love revealed by Jesus and the finished work of the cross. For me it was a practical guide to experience deliverance and breakthrough in areas where I felt stuck and hopeless. 

Dr. Poincyane Assis-Nascimento

This includes the preface and introduction, where I talk about bit of how the book was born. It includes the first chapter, and the very first activation of the book!
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What Some People Are Saying After Reading the Book...

It is an act of vulnerability that the author puts her heart out there and exposes herself and her relationship with the Lord in such a way that creates an impact for the reader. Thank you Tassy, for what you went through to give us this book!

Telma Muniz Teixeira

Reading this book, even before I got to half of it, I felt in my spirit—living water pouring down over dry land. The testimonies and personal stories are so powerful, and it definitely deepened my relationship with Holy Spirit. This book brings light to all areas of darkness and ignorance, and it refreshes the heart and the soul. Thank you!

Fabiana Aguiar

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