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I am so excited to have you start reading these Empowering Identity Declarations! They come straight out of one of the Bonus Chapters of my latest book The Pursuit of Freedom! I have no doubt that it will bring you to the next level of freedom, whatever that may look like for you!

I am including the bible verses reference they came from in case you want to look at them. Read them out loud over yourself often!

What Some Readers Are Saying After Reading
The Pursuit of Freedom...

“My biggest pet-peeve with non-fiction books is that too often the author will state the problem - and sometimes give you a solution for the problem - but fail to provide a process to get to the solution. Tassyane, in your book, The Pursuit of Freedom, you present a clear process by including activations and techniques. Well done!”

Joylynn M. Ross

“The Pursuit of Freedom by Tassyane Assis is a compelling Christian book, and it provided me a clear and practical roadmap to living a life of true freedom in Christ. The author's deep understanding of biblical principles and her ability to communicate these concepts in a relatable and accessible manner make this book a valuable resource for me and anyone seeking a deeper connection with God and a life liberated from the chains of the past."

Fernanda Ferreira

Here are just a few things you'll get from these scriptures:

Reprogramming Subconscious Beliefs
Deeper Relationship with Christ
Continual Growth and Freedom
Better understanding of WHO you are

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