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I am so excited to have you start reading these Empowering Freedom Scriptures! They come straight out of one of the Bonus Chapters of my latest book The Pursuit of Freedom! I have no doubt that it will bring you to the next level of freedom, whatever that may look like for you!

I am including some of the commentary I wrote on each of the scriptures, that elaborate on what FREEDOM means within that verse.

What Some Readers Are Saying After Reading
The Pursuit of Freedom...

“My biggest pet-peeve with non-fiction books is that too often the author will state the problem - and sometimes give you a solution for the problem - but fail to provide a process to get to the solution. Tassyane, in your book, The Pursuit of Freedom, you present a clear process by including activations and techniques. Well done!”

Joylynn M. Ross

“The Pursuit of Freedom by Tassyane Assis is a compelling Christian book, and it provided me a clear and practical roadmap to living a life of true freedom in Christ. The author's deep understanding of biblical principles and her ability to communicate these concepts in a relatable and accessible manner make this book a valuable resource for me and anyone seeking a deeper connection with God and a life liberated from the chains of the past."

Fernanda Ferreira

Here are just a few things you'll get from these scriptures:

Reprogramming Subconscious Beliefs
Deeper Relationship with Christ
Continual Growth and Freedom

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