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I know I’ve mentioned last week, but I want to remind you that I'm taking inspiration from some of the commentaries by John Maxwell on his Leadership Bible, the 21 indispensable qualities of a leader. It is truly a great resource.

Character is such an important characteristic of an excellent leader, that I decided to talk about it a little more this week.

I will recap bellow the 21 indispensable qualities of a leader.   

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader:

Positive Attitude
Problem Solving

Awesome! Let’s continue with character. Let's look into some profound wisdom found in the book of Proverbs, where nuggets of insight await those eager to develop their leadership character. In Proverbs 5:3-23, we encounter a powerful lesson: discipline as the guardian against moral downfall. I also like to say… How discipline can prevent nightmares!

The Character Crucible: Facing Moral Challenges

The Character Crucible: Facing Moral Challenges

How often have we witnessed the downfall of leaders due to moral lapses? The pages of history are stained with the stories of political, business, and religious figures who succumbed to immorality. Yet, amidst this sobering reality, lies the opportunity for us to fortify our character against the assaults of temptation.

As leaders, we need to remember that our influence goes beyond ourselves. We must realize that replacing fallen leaders is a slow and difficult process. So let’s not be too quick to judge them and want them out, instead, lets support each other in our growth and our journeys.

The Balancing Act: Nurturing Gifts and Developing Character

In the pursuit of leadership excellence, it's easy to prioritize gifts and talents over character development. However, the truth is that both must be cultivated in harmony. As we hone our God-given talents, let us not neglect the essential task of nurturing humility, trust, vision, and conviction—the building blocks of enduring character.

Sustaining Success: The Role of Character in Legacy Building

Lamentations 1:7, 8 serves as a poignant reminder that great achievements rest on the bedrock of character. While God bestows upon us gifts and blessings, it is our responsibility to cultivate the character necessary to sustain them. Without solid character, even the loftiest accomplishments can crumble in the face of adversity.

We usually recognize...
1. Talents and gifts.
2. Excellent Product.
3. Excellence in performance and achievements
4. External appearances.

We must also recognize...
1. Solid character and integrity.
2. The process that develops along the way.
3. Excellence in discipline.
4. Internal stability and obedience.

Daniel's Example: Integrity Amidst Adversity

The story of Daniel illustrates the profound impact of character on leadership. Despite facing trials in a foreign land, Daniel remained steadfast in his commitment to integrity, discipline, and honesty. His unwavering character not only preserved his personal integrity but also elevated him to positions of influence and honor.

The way a leader deals with the circumstances of life shows his true character. Crisis does not create a man's character, but it certainly reveals it.

The Road to Redemption: Learning from Herod's Mistakes

In contrast, the tragic story of Herod serves as a cautionary tale of the perils of ego-driven leadership. His lack of character led to a cascade of disastrous decisions, ultimately resulting in his downfall. By examining Herod's missteps, we gain valuable insights into the importance of humility, integrity, and self-awareness in leadership.

Here are some of his missteps for us to avoid: (listed on Acts 12:1-23)

1. Mistreating people that could potentially be in your team.

2. Execution of innocent people (slandering, gossip…)

3. Making decisions based on popularity, versus character.

4. Acting irrationally in difficult times.

5. Harboring anger against others and seeking revenge.

6. Seeking power because of insecurity.

7. Projecting an infallible image.

8. Being blinded by ego, and failing to see how ego can sabotage leadership.

In Closing...

As we navigate the intricate terrain of leadership, let us remember that character forms the silent foundation upon which our leadership stands. It is the bedrock of trust, the beacon of integrity, and the guardian against moral compromise. By prioritizing character development, we not only safeguard our personal integrity but also pave the way for enduring leadership legacies. So, let us continue on this journey of self-discovery and growth, for it is through the cultivation of character that we truly become the leaders we aspire to be. 🚀 #CharacterBuildingLeadership

Leadership Action Time...

Let’s take the following actions this week to improve our character and build a solid foundation for your own leadership:

1. Look for the cracks. Look at the main areas of your life. Identify where you are weak or took shortcuts. How can you do different given the opportunity going forward?

2. Look for patterns. Do any weaknesses remain? Patterns can help you diagnose character flaws. How can you grow from those flaws?

3. Face reality. Character repair begins when you face your faults and apologize to those you have wronged.

4. Stay teachable and rebuild. Once you've faced your past and dealt with character flaws, create a plan to build your future with bright character.

Tassyane Assis
Tassyane Assis

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